Secret archives: this section is closed to members of the general public. If you've found your way here, you're obviously a bit of a know-it-all smart aleck. Or it might have been an accident I suppose. Anyway, please respect the rules of the Society:

(1) Don't touch anything.

(2) In particular, don't touch Dame Belchamy's rock cakes. (Really, it's for your own good.)

(3) Visitors must wear a tweed hat at all times.

(4) If you see any goblins, don't tell them your name or they will get off the site and come after you in your dreams. (And if you think that sounds fun, you have no idea what goblins are really like.)

(5) Friday is cataloguing day.
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How a panel is put together
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The art of character design
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Writing in a visual medium
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Life under the green comet